Friday, May 01, 2009

Open new Modal Window from onLoad

There are times where administrators and/or executives/managers want to alert users opening a given record about something important on a given record. If people need to be warned that they shouldn't call the contact because they are marked as "Do Not Call" or an Account is marked as being "On Hold". Those can typically be done through alerts. But if logic is needed off of related objects, such as only allowing 3 items per Order, or if a number of Cases have been opened within a given period of time, that's not as easy to do with JScript.

That means that you would need to take your logic to a webpage on the load of the given entity. But since you are opening another web page (through the method) users would be able to click around it and ignore it, making the work of the web page useless.

If you use the window.showModalDialog method then you can change all that. A Modal Dialog requires users to take action on the newly opened window before they can get to the record they are trying to open. The method is very similar to the method, allowing you to control the size of the page, what bars show (status, menu, etc) on the web page. Here's the code:

if(crmForm.ObjectId != null)
var url = "/ISV/Test/OrderDetailCheck.aspx?id=" + crmForm.ObjectId;
window.showModalDialog(url, "Order Detail Check","dialogWidth:200px;dialogHeight:150px;center:yes;status:no");

Just put this in the OnLoad of your entity and you now have a custom page that you can fully customize, modify and design that users must look at take action on before they can access a record.

David Fronk
Dynamic Methods Inc.

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