Friday, September 18, 2009

SiteMap Privilege Tag

At times there are users who need to read data from entities but those same users should never really see the full list of items of that entity in a place where they could take action against any of the items.

For example, an entity called "Locations" exists in CRM. Users will need to have the ability to view these Locations in order to enter a Location on a related object form, perhaps an Account. As an administrator you would like to have the list available to you so that you can add to or modify the list for the users. It could be placed in the Settings area and sometimes that is enough to keep people away from the list. But just to be safe you want to guarantee that users cannot do anything to the list.

This is where SiteMap Privilege tags come in. Within each SubArea tag a Privilege tag can be added. When a Privilege tag is applied, CRM will check on the main page load what privileges the user has to see if that user should be able to see the item. If the user does not have rights, then the item is not shown, if the user does have rights then the item is shown.

So, following our example from above the following could be inside the SiteMap:

<SubArea Id="new_location " Entity="new_location">
<Privilege Entity="new_location" Privilege="Write" />

By setting the privilege to "Write" only those users that have the write privilege will be able to view the entity from the main CRM page. Multiple privileges may be used as well. Here are the possible values from the SDK:


Here's an example with multiple privileges:

<SubArea Id="new_location " Entity="new_location">
<Privilege Entity="new_location" Privilege="Read,Write,Share" />

And finally, get creative. Just because the area is for an entity doesn't mean that the privilege has to be for the same entity. Perhaps the Location entity should only show up to users who have rights to write to the Knowledge Base. The following would be completely legit as well:

<SubArea Id="new_location " Entity="new_location">
<Privilege Entity="kbarticle" Privilege="Read,Write" />

Now your main CRM page can be much more dynamic depending on who you are.

David Fronk
Dynamic Methods Inc.


Anonymous said...

Is possible, two or more privilege sentences?

For example:

SubArea Id="new_location " Entity="new_location"

Privilege Entity="account" Privilege="Write" /

Privilege Entity="contact" Privilege="Read" /

SubArea /

Dynamic Methods said...

That should work just fine.

David Fronk
Dynamic Methods Inc.

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