Friday, September 04, 2009

Scribe MVP

Scribe Software has just announced their MVP program and honored me with being invited and accepted into their MVP community.

Scribe Most Valuable Professionals represent the most experienced and skilled Scribe users from among our over 800 partners, 10,000 customers and related software vendors. Scribe MVP’s are invited to join the program based on their skills, experience and contribution to the Scribe OpenMind community. For details on the Scribe MVP program click here.

As a note, the current 13 MVP's (as far as I am aware) were all invited/nominated by Scribe employees and the technical team. Don't quote me on that but since they state in their "How to become an MVP" document that you are either "nominated by someone from Scribe, someone else, or yourself", no one other than Scribe knew this was coming. Meaning the invites could only have come from the people within their company. Which speaks to the expertise and involvement of these initial MVP's with Scribe's software and the team behind it. To see the full listing of Scribe MVP's click here.

And if you are unfamiliar with Scribe's services you should definitely check out their website. For data imports, data movement, and system integrations Scribe has a very robust platform and capability to connect and push/pull data from almost any data source. Their library of application adapters is growing and they have found a good niche in the Microsoft Dynamics arena. Did anyone else notice that all of the MVP's are from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM realm? Microsoft CRM typically takes companies from an old CRM system, or Excel Sheets, Outlook contacts, or any other random place that people have decided to track information regarding customers or something that makes up the X in their new XRM solution. Scribe bridges that gap by giving visibility to data and mapping data with custom logic so that the data can be imported correctly and even have some clean up done on the way into the new system.

My congradulations to all of the other Scribe MVP's and thanks to Scribe and their team for this honor.

David Fronk
Dynamic Methods Inc.

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