Friday, September 12, 2008

Managing Custom pages in IIS

I have recently been introduced to some new ways to manage custom webpages that I had no idea was readily available to me. I assume that everyone has seen those w3wp.exe processes in Task Manager, I knew that they were called Worker Processes but I didn’t realize that every Application Pool in IIS generates its own Worker Process (a w3wp.exe process in Task Manager). That being said simply by giving each page (CRM and custom pages) their own AppPool you can see any potential memory problem s, or where the largest load to IIS is among your pages. Secondly there are options on the AppPool that you can change to help as well. Here are some screenshots:

So, something like shutting down our Worker Processes on custom pages that are used as buttons after being idle for 5 minutes instead of 20 could make a big difference in a system that is already strapped for memory. Scheduling a recycle of a specific page (doing an IISRESET for just that one page) could also make a big difference. Some pretty cool features that make managing memory on our webpages that I had no idea were available to us. This may be something to put in your back pocket for a rainy day but hopefully this comes in handy for someone else later on.

David Fronk
Dynamic Methods Inc.

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