Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Titan News

I just found out that the NDA on Titan expired yesterday so now anything about Titan is fair game to talk about, blog and possibly even show off. There are a lot to go over so I will most likely be posting about that for the next little while and possibly more frequently. Some of the big news is DUPLICATE CHECKER, multi-company, multi-currency, the ability to TYPE inside of a LOOKUP field, the use of Forms Authentication, a complete overhaul of the Email Router, Many-to-Many relationships, and did I mention DUPLICATE CHECKER? I think Duplicate Checker was either the most requested enhancement from my clients that I saw or the second most requested. Either way, there are a lot of people who want it and Microsoft has delivered. And just as a little plug for their Duplicate Checker, it's really good. You can check when you create a new record, make custom duplicate check rules, check across entities (check Contacts when adding a new Lead), and run scheduled dup checks of your entire system.

Some very cool things to see in the new version and hopefully I can help you see the new value that has been added.

David Fronk
Dynamic Methods Inc.

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