Friday, February 27, 2009

Questions for Convergence anyone?

I will be attending Convergence in New Orleans next month and I will be working hard to talk with as many of the experts as I can and getting as much info as I can from the sessions as I can. However, I've found that going to events like this is much more effective if I have some questions in mind to try to get answered. I have some questions of my own that I will be asking but Convergence but I thought it would beneficial to the community to see what you want to know about even though you may not be able to attend.

If anyone out there isn't attending but has a question that is general enough for the product, road map, etc I'd love to try to find out for you. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to get every question answered but I'll do my best to take your questions and post them with answers/responses direct from Microsoft. Also, I happen to leverage the Scribe tool a fair amount and I will be meeting with them so I will even take Scribe questions relating to migrating/integrating with MSCRM.

My goal is to post multiple times a day while I'm at Convergence so stay tuned during Convergence week for lots of updates from the Microsoft world.

David Fronk
Dynamic Methods Inc.


Anonymous said...

How is it going??

Dynamic Methods said...

It went very well, I'll have a post out shortly covering what all went on, so stay tuned.

David Fronk
Dynamic Methods Inc.

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