Friday, February 09, 2007

MSCRM Integration with Docupace

I am finding that "integration" is the one of the latest business buzz words. User's don't want to have 8 to 10 applications open throughout the day to get their work done. So, requests of getting to other applications from Microsoft CRM has become a normal request for most of my clients. Some integrations can be very complex (where data gets passed between systems) and others can be rather simple (click a button for a view into the desired application).

My most recent request has been to integrate MSCRM with Docupace. For those of you who haven't seen or heard of Docupace, Docupace is a service provider of 'on demand' business process automation solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, departments, branches of large enterprises and outsourcers - across all industries. With a wide range of imaging and document management solutions, Docupace delivers rich, enterprise-class functionality that is easy to deploy, use and manage. (

This happens to be one of the simpler integrations because no data is traded between the two systems. Just a search through Docupace with CRM provided data.

With a simple click of a button:

The user logs into Docupace and a Docupace window opens that goes directly to the client's page.

This allows users to jump straight into Docupace and get to specific client documents. Also, if Docupace credentials get passed from CRM to Docupace, users can be limited in what documents they can see within Docupace, through CRM privileges. If a user can only see his/her contacts he/she will only be able to launch Docupace windows from his/her contacts.

Great functionality, usability and ease of integration between the two systems make this a great addition for client's tools to use in the market.

Happy Coding!

David Fronk
Dynamic Methods Inc.